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Political campaign and advocacy work is hard enough. Your website shouldn't be. With Run, there's no learning curve and no hassle. Just beautiful, effective websites that attract more donors, more volunteers, and more wins.

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It was late in the campaign, and we really needed to up our web presence. With RUN! we were able to get a site up in half a day - and look more polished than sites that take weeks to make.”
Zachary Brown, Campaign Manager
McDermott for US Senate (IN)

Run takes the hard work out of campaign websites.

With other website builders, you’ll spend days cobbling together a site that’s still unlikely to persuade donors, volunteers, and voters to take you seriously. With Run, you’ll be ready to launch and ready to impress from day one.

Designed for Victory

Designed for Victory

Beautiful templates designed to raise, persuade, and inspire

Run was built by political and advocacy campaign designers with years of experience crafting effective websites. We're deeply familiar with the needs of campaigns and we've provided an out-of-the-box, flexible platform to win you the donors, volunteers, and supporters you need.

Built for Campaigns

Built for Campaigns

All your campaign website needs are included

Unlike generic website builders, Run ships with all the components that political and advocacy campaigns need, including endorsements, issues, donations, and much more. Gone are the long days of searching for a template that has the things you need — only to find there isn't one. With Run, essential campaign components are just a click away.

Lightning Fast

Lightning Fast

When it comes to campaigns, timing is everything

Whether waiting weeks to launch or days to get small updates made, traditional approaches involve diving into confusing site builders or relying on specialists. With Run, updates and builds are a snap and your time is spent on what it should be: campaigning.

Mobile Optimized

Mobile Optimized

Always unbreakable on mobile

Run does not permit site editors to do anything that could break their layout on mobile, unlike other site builder platforms that are fragile and require significant effort to optimize. With about 50% of site visitors viewing on mobile, flawless responsive design is a must-have.



Manage your form data professionally

Run has an industry-leading integration suite that pushes form submissions directly to the tools you use, including NGP VAN, Everyaction, Action Network, ActionKit, NationBuilder, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Airtable, DaisyChain, and Campaign Deputy.

Supporting Campaigns

Supporting campaigns

We've got your back the whole way through

Run provides quick turnaround business hours tech support, along with a full knowledge base and video tutorials. Run sites are easy to set up by you, your consultant, campaign staff, or graphic designer, but we also offer services including “Full Site Setup” or a “Polish Session” to help finish the job.

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CMS setup of fonts and colors

Customize your campaign website templates with easy-to-select options

Zero risk.

We’re so sure you’ll love it, you pay only if and when your campaign website is complete and ready to launch.

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Sorry, RUN! is not available to Republican Party candidates.